Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cum Play With Me Daddy

  My phonesex daddy decided today that he wanted me to be his sweet little ageplay phone sex princess. He says that my sweet little girl voice gets his so excited that he just can't take it, especially since it's always no limits phonesex with me.
  I had just gotten back from my best friends house and we had soo much fun together and I couldn’t wait to tell daddy all about it. I bounced into the living room where I saw him watching tv. Hi daddy, hi Cadie how are you sweetie. I’m good daddy, I had soo much fun at Julie’s house today. Really baby, that’s good why don’t you tell me all about it? Sure daddy, I slipped off my tennis shoes and climbed up onto daddy’s lap to snuggle and tell him all about the fun I had. So what did you two girls do today? Well daddy Julie was telling me all about the games that her and her daddy play together and it sounded like so much fun. That’s nice sweetie, daddy’s are supposed to play with their little girls and spend time with them. But daddy they play special games, different games that sound so exciting. Really honey? Tell me all about it.
  Well, she said that when she sits on her daddy’s lap in her short cute little outfits that his thing gets really hard and big and that she pulls it out and runs her cute little hands over it and feels it get even bigger. Cadie-that’s not right! Daddy’s are not supposed to play with their little girls like that. But, there’s more daddy. She said that sometimes she sucks on his thing like it was a lollipop and that her daddy puts it inside of her and cums really hard too! It sounds like soo much fun daddy. I want to know what it’s like to play games like that with you daddy. But Cadie, we can’t do that it’s not right, you’re so young and you’re my daughter. Do you even know what it means for a man to cum inside of a girl? No I don’t but I want to know daddy, my special little spot is getting wet and I know I didn’t pee pee on myself I swear. I can feel your thing getting hard and pressing against my round little bum.
  I can’t help it baby you’re turning daddy on and you’re turned on too that’s why you’re getting wet between your little legs. I started pressing my round little bum harder against his bulge. I shifted myself so that his bulge started rubbing against that wet spot between my legs through my shorts and panties and I heard daddy moan low in his throat. I quickly tugged my shirt off over my head and stepped out of my shorts and damp little panties. I heard daddy suck in his breath as he stared at my tight little body, my round ass, my smooth little pussy and my tiny perky little tits. Oh Cadie, your little titties are so pretty and look at your smooth little pussy. You’re making daddy soo very hard. Can I please see your big hard cock daddy? I wanna feel it and see it sooo bad. But Cadie, it isn’t right you’re my little girl. But, we’re all alone daddy and mommy won’t be home for a few hours. I promise I won’t tell anyone, it will be our fun little secret. Please oh please daddy, I want to see your hard thing so badly.
  Ok baby, you can take daddy’s cock out. That’s what my hard thing is called-a cock. Oh ok, thank you daddy! I quickly opened his pants and pulled those and his underwear down to his ankles where he stepped out of them and kicked them aside. His cock was soo hard and sticking straight up in the air throbbing as I reached one tiny little hand down and curiously wrapped it around his big hard cock. It was so big that my tiny little hand wouldn’t reach all the way around it but I grabbed as much of it as I could. Mmm daddy, it feels so hard but silky smooth too. I started running my fingers up and down and all around his hard pole while he groaned and twitched under my fingers. Ohhhh god Cadie, you’re driving daddy crazy your tiny pretty little hands feel so good on my cock. Mmm daddy look how hard my little nipples are getting, I wanna suck on your hard thing like it was a lollipop. Please daddy, I wanna taste it soo bad.
  Yes Caddie suck on daddy’s cock, make it feel soo good. I climbed between his thighs and flicked my little pink tongue out to run it over the tip of his cock. I felt daddy’s cock twitching and throbbing under my tongue as I slowly sucked the tip of it right into my mouth. I opened my mouth even wider and took as much of daddy’s cock down my throat as I could and I imagined it was a lollipop while I sucked and licked it alll over. Mmm I’m getting sooo wet between my thighs from sucking on you, feel it. I grabbed his hand and put it right between my legs. Oooh Cadie, I want to taste you so bad, can I please put my tongue there and feel how wet you are. Oh yes please daddy! I want to know how that feels soo bad. I laid back on the couch with my little legs spread open and I felt his tongue sliding up and down my wet little slit. Oh my god it felt so good! I’d never ever felt anything that felt so good in my life. I started squirming and wriggling from it feeling so good. Oooh daddy, that feels so good I can’t take it. Mmm Cadie, you taste sooo good you’re making daddy throb. I need to be inside of you so bad baby. Please come sit on my lap and let me push it inside of you. Mmm yes daddy.
  He sat back down on the couch and pulled my tiny naked little wet body on top of his lap and that big hard throbbing cock. I could see wet stuff starting to ooze out of the tip of daddy’s cock, but it didn’t look like pee. I wasn’t sure what it was but I was so excited to find out how it would feel to have daddy’s hard thing pressing inside of me. Julie made it sound like so much fun when she was describing it to me. I spread my legs over both of his and started rubbing my tight little slit against him. Then I felt daddy’s big hard thing pressing against my tight little hole and starting to go inside of me. Ooh it’s soo big daddy, it hurts. I don’t think it’s gonna fit, how are you gonna make it fit in my tiny little hole? Don’t worry Cadie your tight little pussy is very very wet if you relax I’ll make it fit.
   Mmm yes push it inside of me daddy give it to me in my tiny little pussy please. Oooh god it feels so good. Bounce up and down on daddy now Cadie and it will feel even better for both of us. Oooh yes ooh that feels soo good daddy. Oh Cadie you’re so tight I can’t believe we’re fucking right now. Yes daddy, you’re fucking your little girl’s pussy and it feels so good that I can’t stand it. Oooh yes daddy please don’t stop. I feel like Im going to explode all over you. Oh god Cadie you’re so naughty you’re going to make daddy cum inside of you so hard. Yes daddy please cum in me I wanna know what it feels like please give it to me daddy nice and deep. He grabbed my hips and shoved me down hard against him and then he yelled out soo loud. Ohhhhh I’m cumming Cadie….Ooohhhhhh. Oh yes daddy yessss oohhhh goddd it feels so good. I felt something hot and thick shooting deep inside of my tight little hole as daddy shuddered and moaned against me. The feel of that hot fluid filling me up as he rubbed his cock against my hard little button made my legs start to shake and suddenly my pussy started trembling and the most amazing feeling swept through my insides. I started yelling out and flooding daddy’s cock with my juices. Ooooohhhh goddd daddyyyy yeesssss. It was so intense and felt so good that when it finally stopped I collapsed right against daddy’s chest and felt his cock starting to soften and slip back out of my tight little hole.
  We were both covered in sweat and sticky hot juices. Oh daddy that was sooo much fun. I can see why Julie likes to play with her daddy so much. But, don’t worry I won’t tell mommy, I wouldn’t want her to get upset with us. I want to play these fun games with you again soon daddy. Mmm my sweet little girl. Daddy loves you. Give me a kiss, and then you better go jump in the shower before mommy gets home and sees what a mess you are….
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